In light of this recent spike in bot use

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Cant believe RuneScape gold I wasted 5 super stat restore n 10 prayer pots as well as 30 sharks n 18 rockbite at the past 3 days still cant get the things I trynna get.

OK here is wat happened. I was tryin to get my freminnik journal done so I could do the blood runs deep. Among the hard task was to wear a full set of skeletal, rockshell or spine armor n speak to a freminnik. My idea was to get my very own raw stuff so I can save money (lol I know sum ofy'all could think its dumb). I was tryin to kill lv90 dagannoth for dagannoth hides I didnt know they could hit 15 really easy n accurate I believed it was just lv90 until I ate off all my sharks in like 20 mins n I started to realize sumthing aint right. Anyways I was able to get like 10 dagannoth hides n trynna go kill wallasalki for bones to earn skeletal armor. I didnt understand I need another guy to open the doorway to the wallasalki location so once more on dat trip I wasted a bottle of prayer pot for nothing (I was wearin my ranger stuffs so I heavily rely on prayer at the point). I eventually learned to use the narrow passage in the back to snare it so it wont escape. So I was made to use zanik's crossbow n bone routers (I got a lot of it) to combat wallasalki. I murdered like 25 of em n aint got all of the bone pieces. So I gave up n move to ge to buy a skeletal set n it took 1 day to buy it. Later on I resold it I aint got considerably potion n food left.

When it I started the pursuit n survived the first battle covering baba yaga n second battle defending relleka. Subsequently two times try out savin king vargas all collapsed n king vargas' hella weak cant even take strikes n virtually every hit on him hits high. Today im outta food just 18 rockbites n zero potion so I don't have any option but to go nude on the pursuit for time bein. 5 superb stat restore, 10 prayer pot, 30 sharks n 18 stone snack in addition to my hand cannon, all go boo boo, nevertheless I still not able to complete the quest... waterbirth island is similar to a rs vietnam right here. BTW im lv 103 using 82 strength. Attack defend both 76 and 62 prayer. Before the release of blood runs deep I never been around waterbirth island b4.

In light of this recent spike in bot use, I have devised a method of bot-catching techniques and tests to check to determine what the probability of the participant in question being a bot. Some people like to browse different webpages while coaching, and I have taken that into consideration when devising my evaluations. Just because a person fails a test does NOT mean they are a bot, but are more likely to be one. Most likely, you will get an answer, even if they're botting(they have speaking bots now). However, there are still many of bots which don't respond. To check to find out if they are really botting and cheap RS gold not just afk, inquire when they are banking or switching trees/rocks.