I despise how true that is with the boba. .

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Fundamentally me in Animal Crossing New Horizons Items school right now because we're not permitted to hang out with anybody. I can not stay with my boyfriend in his construction and I Don't Have Any friends yet

Nah Isabelle will soon be talking abt her lost jeans and fav tv show even with the world burning around her

Saw this same joke just like a week after the game came out. . .didn't think it would still be true months later lol.

For a solid two months, AC was a strong enough diversion from the horrors of the world. Now I can not appear to play for more than five minutes before having to huddle in a corner and weep.

This is me with my brown sugar milk tea from Gong Cha! I even place a Boba store on my island!

I despise how true that is with the boba. .

Yep, and I guess that it's gonna have a very shitty climax in the penultimate episode accompanied by a gloomy season finale.

Ooff moving political eh. Well be careful the tankies won't take kindly to the They're a salty Group

A friend of mine brought my fiancé and I animal crossing fashion!!! This type of gift!

I'm susceptible to being thrown away by facial hair also will easily think you men are the same person

And I get it, folks always freak out when I get cuddly with my gf because they believe we are siblings. It is buy Animal Crossing Bells pretty hilarious. It occurs a lot for some reason, like you start to seem more like your spouse as time Continues