This was just stupid

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Removal of profitable in Lumbridge via working for RS gold skill tutors. I'm upset with Jagex's latest shift to Lumbridge. Jagex believed Lumbridge was getting too crowded and got rid of the skill tutors. Honestly, Lumbridge was never overly crowded before! Lumbridge is rather empty now. A good reply to all those annoying"Could I have 5k plz""Want 5k" beggars that we see in the Grand Exchange was,"No. Go work for a skill tutor in Lumbridge instead." . . .Plus, you are playing Runescape, you don't require 5k, you need 5k (there is a difference). But that's a different story.

On a personal note, I liked the ability tutors (I do not care if people don't agree with me). Jagex might have included the new Runescape Advisor feature without eliminating the Lumbridge Trainers... if folks like learning things independently instead of going to a tutor, then more power to them it did not signify that the Lumbridge tutors should be removed for the gamers that did want to use them.

This was just stupid. Fine. For gamers levelled higher than 60, Jagex reported the new guards won't cause too much disturbance. However, your avatar slows down when you approach the guards, stops for a full bit, the guards let you and then your avatar gradually starts accelerating to a run again. If you're levelled over 60, the guards must let you run beyond, zero delay!

Again, I do not care if people disagree with me. What's the point in slowing our running down, which makes us cease, and then forcing us to start accelerating again? Any high-level players will know they're departing the new safe area - i.e., do not put in a delay that is 100.0% unnecessary. The delay is an extra annoyance which didn't exist before, and cheap RuneScape gold which serves zero purpose. The guards also prevent you (another delay) even when you're entering the new protected location.