Rattan Furniture VS Aluminum Furniture

However, some outdoor furniture or Modern Indoor Furniture materials may hold up better in warm, dry climates rather than cold, wet climates

From Adirondack chairs to patio dining sets, outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements. However, some outdoor furniture or Modern Indoor Furniture materials may hold up better in warm, dry climates rather than cold, wet climates. Read on to consider the full range of patio furniture’s most popular materials – and each one’s style, durability, strength, maintenance level, and performance in particular climates – so you can choose the best outdoor furniture material for your outdoor space.


Aluminum is by far the most popular contemporary patio furniture material (even resin rattan is typically woven over an aluminum frame). It resists rust and moisture damage better than other metals and a powder coated finish will offer added protection against the elements. Aluminum is strong yet relatively lightweight, making it easy to rearrange and store. Tubular aluminum, made with cylindrical aluminum tubes, is the most lightweight option. Wrought and cast aluminum are heavy enough to withstand wind and weather conditions but still manageable to rearrange and store.


Lightweight construction makes it easy to move

Resists rust and moisture damage better than other metals

Powder coating offers added protection against the elements

Requires little care and is easy to clean

Withstands: Rain, sunlight, and extreme temperatures

Care Tips:

Spray with clear water or a mild soapy mixture to remove dust and dirt

Maintain the finish by touching up chips in the paint to avoid oxidation

Resin rattan

Also known as all-weather rattan, resin rattan is a longer-lasting, weather-resistant synthetic fiber weave wrapped over a metal frame. While plant material such as cane and rattan are the traditional materials used to make rattan furniture, the term “rattan” actually refers to the woven style in which the furniture is made, not the material used. Resin rattan is typically made with thin strands of PVC, nylon, polyethylene, or high-density polyethylene.


Lends a traditional, homey feel to your outdoor area

More durable than traditional rattan material

Most high-end resin rattan is UV-resistant, so it won’t fade or crack

Withstands: Rain, sunlight, and humidity

Care Tips:

Remove pollen and dirt by spraying with water

Let air dry

If unsure about your furniture’s resistance to sunlight, keep in shaded area when not in use

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