I had been wondering

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MSB with mithril arrows, I took in harm more - wasn't worthwhile. Bronze knives, yes a lot of people suggest them, but they actually are worse then seekers crossbow, or RS gold the steel darts because of accuracy. Crossbow, with broad bolts this can be a wonderful thing + spirit wars, but you need to aim for low levels who have LOW defence // heaps of exp, may need zanicks crossbow(exp from crossbow alone is TOO slow). Chinning, at soul wars chinning the low levels is good at basically some level, but expensive unless you have mounds of clay that is holy pts.

When I do get mems I will for sure particular: Guthans (utilizing helm and spear only when curing ). D boots. Black mask (soon to be slayer helm following several quests) Whip. Rune defender (already have). Fury. Sara Sword (maybe haven't determined yet). Combat Bracelet/Bracelet of Regeneration (that can be better?) . But what else guys? Thank you for any and all help.

I had been wondering if I need to buy OSRS gold get def on this account. Money is not really a problem as this acc has no money making skills and is currently a runescape millionaire (acc is 6 days old) so that I do not NEED to get def around save on food, but wanted to know if I should/when I should. I also was wondering when I should get att/str. I think I can get like 70 att/str levels without a cb atm (but I am also concerned about hp levels including to my cb) and finally I wanted to know if I should train mage through combat, teletabs (this alternative is hard for me as I do not have easy access to some lectern) or just using tele spells. Again I am just concerned about the hp levels adding to my cb when I train through battle.