Please let me know if I should change anything

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I'm not RuneScape gold really sure what happens once your from the last room. I think its just like any other room but It's a lot more XP from the loot which makes it worth while. Best Stragagy: Your timed 5 minutes as soon as you enter the first room. I'd search all of the doors to enter the the next untill you attained the second to last room you can enter. Be sure to watch your time! Then once you think you have enough time to hunt all of the Loot in the room do this. Searching the Urns is your fastest XP it is possible to get. Additionally the tombs have the loot but folks like to search those for the very uncommon to find employees that is at the tombs. I am not so sure how much is the staf, but I asume it is really pricy.

Just wondering about my stock if it's good or if I need to change it based on my levels. I'm confident I will do it. I've watched lots of videos and have seen many guides. I have 70 att, str, def, range and 46 prayer. I will be wearing sara d hide body, chaps, bracers, inf boots, archer helm, obby cape. I will be ranging with karils cbow and I've 5k bolt racks. Let me know if anything should change up to now. I'll have in my stock: -15 super restores (4)-5 sara brews (4)-1 range kettle (4)-5 prayer pots (4)-1 shark.

Please let me know if I should change anything. If your not usig guthans, then swap the shark for 500-1k purple candies, u can resell the ones u dont use but u will probly use alot of em. Additionally Rune crossbow+zam book might be better than karils bow. Concerning the pots. Hmm, u need 2 super restore pot per sara brew so u have 5 to many super restore pots.

Alright, it's rare that I actually create a topic asking a question, usually I am the one to answer them, but this time I want your help. Lately, levels happen to be going OK. About 100,000xp each day, generally good. But eventually, I do get tired of this area (and dangers, considering it had been in the Wilderness, also I have stared death up to the nose on several events ), and need to find a new place. So I decided to migrate... into Damis' Giant Skeletons. They seem pretty good training, but they eat cheap RS gold my food up crazily faster than Ghostly Warriors.