I wish to know if folks think I need to stop being a minimal level

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I am Vedave, and RuneScape gold I've been playing with this char since January this year. I am level 5 (haven't trained fight (yet)), and I guess you can call me a skiller. My original intention was to reach 99 at firemaking, finishing with a decent WC level throughout the process. At present, I'm 88 firemaking and 78 woodcutting (though my WC level might be substantially higher if I had correctly trained it like FM). To be honest, firemkaing isn't as easy as it appeared - it's fairly fast yes - but it requires some extreme concentration and patience (especially once you consider how it's near impossible to converse to anybody when coaching ).

I have yet another account that I stopped using last year because I was ill of its awakened abilities, therefore decided to attempt making a skiller. I enjoy my skills at the moment, but he feels incomplete. I had been P2P for a while, but I stopped because I wasn't using any of the members' resources (occasionally woodcut behind Seers' lender, but that is about it).

Item is... I am not certain if I want to remain a minimal level... fair enough, it might be cool to remain like, level 3 - 7 and also possess a skillcape, but for some reason, it feels wrong to not possess st least some battle skills. Call me a hypocrite, but with my other accounts (who I got to level 84 combat with), I explained how much I did not like ranged. After attempting ranged properly I actually found it is a very nice skill.

The Question, I wish to know if folks think I need to stop being a minimal level, and begin training ranged (possibly with a bit of def for those armours). I do not mean like... reach level 60 then stop... I'd really like to get 80+ ranged because it's such a cool ability. I said that if I got a 99 whilst remaining level 5, I'd look at levelling up in combat. I really don't know why Ranged sticks out so much, but buy RS gold it's a skill I actually enjoyed coaching (if only to level 67) with my other accounts.