How To Build Currency Fast in Path of Exile Delirium

Since the Path of Exile: Delirium League has been released successfully, now this is the perfect time to share with you some good starter builds

Since the Path of Exile: Delirium League has been released successfully, now this is the perfect time to share with you some good starter builds. If you are a new player, then you should notice that this is quite important cause it can make the difference between enjoying the game or giving up in frustration.

What Map Mods to Use for the Best Loot

There are a lot of mods for maps, but this league we need to focus on getting more mobs on the map. Mods that can help us with this are :

More Magic Monsters

More Rare Monsters

Bloodline( Magic or Rare)

Pack size

To increase it even more, we will be using some mods from the map device, which will introduce even more mobs – it all depends on your character’s survivability. There’s been a lot of rumors about “Harbour Bridge farming” being profitable. The number of rewards you get is indeed high, but they don’t have a high value on the market. It depends on your RNG, but in the long run, you won’t get ahead.

Don’t Pss up on Orbs Just Yet

Delirium orbs are underrated, and I am not talking about the expensive ones, like ”Skittering,” “Blighted,” or “obscured.” Orbs like “Armorphus Delirium Orb” can quickly bring you a nice 40C profit in just one run.

In one of my runs, on a tier 14 map with amorphous tree orbs used, I managed to farm up to 50c without counting the currency drops and priced items. With the current price, the profit on one run is 35C in 3-4 minutes.

Simulacrum Splinters Can Be Profitable As Well

Simulacrum and simulacrum splinters drop in almost every run (while it is a map from the atlas).

I must be honest. I didn’t get to run a lot of simulacrum maps, only one, where I barely made 30c ( without counting a lucky exalt). If you manage to collect 300 spinters, you can give it a try, but I honestly recommend to sell it for 70c, which is a sure profit from time to time. You can also sell the fragments, which can earn some juicy currency.

Delving Has its Advantages

If the new league isn’t for you, then you can also earn some juicy currency by delving. You can easily make enough sulfite to investigate for some time. Fossils’ prices will change; that’s why you must check their price and focus on the specific region; many sites will explain where you can drop the particular fossil.

A must-have in this league is a good build, one that can clear maps fast and survive the overwhelming packs of monsters. I currently run a cyclone-impale build, with 100k DPS. It is not expansive, but it can use some improvements, and you will get there with the currency you’ll be making. You should look for builds that can cover a lot of the map in a short time. Cyclone, for example, sometimes fails to include the large maps, like Wasteland, where the mobs are spread all around the map.

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