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Potential Nursing Presentation Topics :

The Methods of Announcing Non-Curable Diagnosing for a Patient

Care Methodology Development for Patients with the First Stage of Dementia

Legalization of Free-Will Euthanasia as Means of Pain RelievingThe Work of Nursing

Specialists in Case of Natural Disaster

The Development of the Most Effective Diagnosing Methodology in Case of Emergency

The Work of a Nurse with Handicapped Patients to Recover Lost Motoric Functions

The Specification of the Work of a Nurse in Ghetto Regions

The Selection of the Most Effective Pain-Killers Based on the Diagnosis of the Patient

The Analysis of Genetic Material to Predict Potential Chronic Diseases

Taking Care of the Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

The Legalization of Antibiotic Prescription by the Nurses Instead of Doctors

The Methods of Increasing Surgery Efficiency of Nurses as Doctors’ Assistants

The Creation of Decent Practical Conditions for Training Nurses

Organization of Cost-Effective Treatment of Major Trauma UnitsEncouraging Patient

Methodology as Means of Supporting Non-Medical Therapy

The Necessity of Compulsory Psychological Training for an Effective Medical PurposeThe

Support of the Parents with Neo-Natal Units

The Methods of Dealing with Rude Patients

The Increasing of Medicament Proficiency Among Nurses

The Multiple Data Analysis to Prevent the Cases of Epidemics

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