Ninji accepts donations via hyperlinks on the homepage of his website Wuffs

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Others started to Animal Crossing Bells wonder the game's physics at a facetious way, lightly poking fun at the fact that a hurricane doesn't dismiss your blossoms' blossoms the manner your player character can. A users that were curious began looking for help re-creating windstorms in their islands. Ninji, however, does not appear to be handing out some lessons.

Sofar, Nintendo has provided no sign that a hurricane attribute is going to be inserted to the game, despite these cartoons in-game that was present. Therefore, unless you have the abilities that Ninji has in tinkering with the game's mechanics, you'll need to enjoy the"surreal" ramifications of an Animal Crossing windstorm from afar and expect for an announcement shortly.

Ninji claims he isn't Animal Crossing New Horizons technology support, but he might be. ACNH dataminer and the Twitter sleuth introduced a new tool a week that can forecast the climate of your island. It's no secret that the weather on your island is closely tied to a number of the basic mechanics of the game. Wishing on shooting stars or reeling in select species of rare fish, for example, are contingent upon specific weather conditions: stars only burn trails across the night sky when the weather is clear and particular fish just visit your island's beaches when it is raining.

Waiting around for the next rainstorm can add some unnecessary strain into a game that's touted as a experience. But the new tool of Ninji seeks to create nail-biting speculation obsolete when it comes to charting out your next week in paradise. "After 4 days of intense effort, this really is MeteoNook, a browser-based weather program for #ACNH," he states within the unveiling.

Free to use, the ACNH community accepted the tool. Users were pleased with MeteoNook, in actuality, they started requesting Ninji's PayPal info. Ninji accepts donations via hyperlinks on the homepage of his website but is loath"to put anything on the app itself," out of fear of appearing greedy. "Although, I have had a couple of men and women ask on Discord too," he states in response to a request for Cheap Nook Miles Ticket advice on Twitter.